Saturday, October 2, 2010

Best Run in Weeks!

Here is a recap of my "long" runs the past three weeks as I have been coming out of recovery:

2 weeks ago: 6.25 miles. In shoes, significant plantar pain at mile five.

1 week ago: 8.5 miles. In shoes, significant plantar pain at mile six.

Today: 13 miles.

I know I got a little help from the weather today, which was only about 10 degrees above perfect instead of 30, but I'm still incredibly happy with the results. It was not entirely pain free. I started in my Vibrams and by mile 7, I had some moderate pain on the anterior side of my foot, but it was not enough to stop. After 9 miles, my energy level was still pretty high, and I had the great idea to pass by my house and grab the real shoes. Worked like a charm. The last 4 miles were felt really good. The only thing that was weird was the way it felt running in shoes compared to the Vibrams. You know how you feel when you have just been jumping on a trampoline for a long time and then you try to walk on solid ground? It was like that for about half a mile. Strange, since all the shoe companies like to advertise that their shoes will put an extra bounce in your step. Since when does adding a rubber ankle weight make you feel lighter?

Anyway, here is the thing that I have to accept at this point: I have to actually start planning my weeks now that I see that my feet are almost up to snuff. I am sooooo slooooooow right now. I have been doing my long runs slower because that is what Galloway says to do, but I have no excuse for my 10 minute pace on my short midweek runs. I am definitely going to have to bump it up a couple of notches on my Tuesday and Thursday runs. I am ready for more optimistic training. Keep your fingers crossed for me!