Saturday, July 31, 2010

7 x 11

Seven is my lucky number for a lot of reasons. First, because that's the average number of gadgets that it takes to get me out on a long run on any given day. I feel like a less-busty version of Laura Croft: Tomb Raider when I head out on Saturdays.

1. Heart Monitor- I don't really use this device up to its full potential, but I feel more hardcore when I'm wearing it. I will work on gaining some practical use from it this training season.

2. Sunglasses- Okay, so I forgot to wear them in the picture, but that's a fair representation. Since I don't plan to EVER get up earlier than 7:00 for a Saturday run, these are extremely necessary.

3. Headband- My bangs are an awkward length, so unless I want greasy, sweat-soaked strands burning my eyes, I have to wear one. It also makes me feel like I look less disgusting.

4. iPhone- My husband LOVES this because when I overshoot my distance, I call him to come save me. I inevitably interrupt something very important that he's doing, like playing Madden. Oops. I love it because my Pandora app is my saving grace from boredom. My current station of choice is Yeasayer.

5. iPhone Armband- It smells like butt after hundreds of uses, but it still works like a charm. Anyone who is still holding their MP3 player in their hand while running is insane.

6. Hydration Belt- They seem over-priced, as most running gadgets do, but it's worth every penny. There are actually plenty of water fountains on my 7 mile route, but those little water bottles more than served their purposed today as I frequently doused my head to keep my brain from frying.

7. GARMIN 405- One of the best gifts I have ever gotten. (Thanks, hubby) I love this thing. Pace. Heartrate. Elevation! Lap time! Distance! and sooooo much more. Then it wirelessly sends the information to your computer and puts it on a fancy-pants graph. You can break your run down by the second! IT'S AMAZING!

Today, it was extremely hot. 85 degrees and a billion percent humidity. I slowed myself down, got through successfully, and actually feel pretty well recovered. 7 is also my lucky number because anything over 6 miles means that I have to vary from my routine 6 mile loop, and is just over quarter-marathon mark. It is also Here is my split break down:

1. 11:03
2. 11:09
3. 11:11
4. 11:08
5. 12:01
6: 11:04
7: 11:03

Considering the heat, I was very pleased with today's times. I know that those are slow times, but I feel like I actually used my brain today and didn't go out to fast and crash. Thank you, Jeff Galloway, for your handy walk breaks. I feel almost certain that I would have totally bonked and done maybe 4 miles max in that heat without them.

First real week of training was a good one.

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