Sunday, July 25, 2010

San Francisco Saddlebags

One day on the blog, and I think it has already provided some motivation. Last night I left a party to go run. Just 3 miles, but certainly better than nothing, which is what I did for the three previous days while we drove across the country. "Traveling across the country?" you ask. Allow me to explain...
If we are friends, or if I don't like you and wanted to rub it in your face, you probably know that I spent a whole month (!) housesitting in Half Moon Bay, CA, 20 miles south of San Francisco. The running was good. I had my choice of either view below for my daily jogging and hiking.

The only thing that could rival the beauty of Half Moon Bay's views is San Francisco's food. My measly, recreational runs certainly were no match In-and-Out, crab cioppino, Swan Oyster Depot, rosemary-crusted tuna steaks, pesto-covered jumbo scallops, delectable cheeses, and of course, California's free-flowing Zinfandel. Normally, I would be really upset about weight gain, but a solid month eating nothing but the best food EVER is totally worth five pounds. I look at my butt and think "awww, there's the crab legs with Louis sauce." On the hips, truffle cheese from Carmel; back of the arms, garlic fries from Giant stadium.

Nevertheless, I think I prefer to hold memories in pictures rather than on the scale, and I certainly don't want that Animal Style 2x2 flopping on my thighs while I'm trying to run mile repeats. I have about 7-8 pounds to lose altogether so I'm going to have to watch the calories and add mileage.

Current Weight: 130
Goal Weight: 123

Running plan for the week:
All will be done at a slow pace with walk breaks a la Galloway. Just want to build up for a couple of weeks and focus on calorie burn.

Sunday: 5-6 miles
Monday: X-train at the gym. Elliptical and core workout.
Tuesday: 3-4 miles
Wednesay: 3-4 miles
Thursday: X-train (optional)
Friday: Off
Saturday: 7 miles

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