Friday, July 30, 2010

I need some LSD!!!

Okay, so I'm sure I'm not the first to have snickered at my own "cleverness" with a title like that, but as far as runners are concerned, Long Slow Distance jokes never get old. Running nerds can hardly carry on a conversation about their training with out using at least one drug-alluding cliche. "I'm addicted to running," "I love that runner's high," "I'm baked. That last speed workout was a killer."

I'm not sure what this says about the running community. Maybe it's to help us fit in a little better with the "cool" kids. When someone at the office says "Dude, bro. Last Friday was off the chain! We got so wasted that I skipped right over the bedspins and woke up the next day with KISS makeup on my bro's dog bed," we needed something better to say than "Oh yeah, I wasn't there. I had to wake up early on Saturday to run fartleks." With or without the lingo, I still doubt that running will ever be the thing that everybody's doing.

I'm a little discouraged about my LSD tomorrow. It's hard for me to say that 7-8 miles is my long run when it used to mean 20 miles. Darn you, sprained ankle, runner's knee, IT Band, and LA Fitness, darn you all! There should be some ebb and flow in training, but I hate that I let my endurance slide so far back when I had come so far. The progress I was making was so exciting last year. Every other week was a new first. My first double digit run. My first eleven mile, twelve mile, thirteen mile, and so on. I don't get to have any firsts this time until I've run 21.1 miles....On the flip side, I would normally have quit after a series of set-backs and slow months like I had Feb. through May. Frankly, I have quit running more times than I have started it, but not this year. Even under the influence of San Francisco's enchanting food and night life, I still managed to increase my mileage a bit.

In other discouraging news, tomorrow is going to be positively unbearable weather-wise. High of 98. Or is it that the humidity is 98 percent? Oh wait, IT'S BOTH. At least you know that I have no ulterior motives in my training, because the only things that are going to get high in those conditions are my core body temperature and mosquito bite count.

Click on the link below for an audio clip to represent how I think my run is going to feel.....

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