Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Recharging my Battery and Winning the Lottery

Recharging my battery today, because I literally had to recharge my battery today. After three rounds of jump-starting my car (two of them in the rain), my rockin' 1999 Mazda Protoge finally had enough juice to make it to the nearest Autozone. Many thanks to Lauren Burris (jump #1), Chelsea Dooman (#2), and my husband, Adam (responsible for #3 and the battery replacement). Four hours after the initial failed start, I arrived home and deemed this an off-day. Just as well since I ended up running rather than cross-training yesterday.

My car troubles were not the only reason I need a rest day. The last two nights, my favorite running partner has awoken me every couple of hours with, ironically, the runs.

Beasley is now the Usain Bolt of both the SPCA and the bathroom (aka any one of the rugs in our largely hard-wood apartment. Imagine my delight stepping onto my cool, squishy, moist bath mat yesterday morning.) I'm not sure which of the 11 breeds represented in Beasley causes him to have a super-sensitive stomach, but I'm not happy with it. The day that Adam and I feel like waking up every couple of hours to deal with poop, we will probably just go ahead and have a kid.

In other news, I put my name in for the Houston Marathon....I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to run in this marathon this year. Keep your fingers crossed for some good news August 17th! Off to bed!

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