Tuesday, August 10, 2010

All I want for my birthday is Peace.

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, I couldn't keep a straight face for too long on that one.
I told my husband the same thing. He got kind of a blank look on his face as some survival instinct began to send messages to his brain: WARNING! WARNING! DOES NOT COMPUTE. DOES NOT COMPUTE. THIS IS A TRAP. After he processed the message he said something like "but you are too beautiful and thin to not have presents on your birthday." This is the sign of a wise and well-trained husband. In case you forgot, tomorrow is my birthday. I know- you're glad I reminded you so you could go get me a present right? I do love gift cards or a paypal transfer will do, but just in case you wanted to get me something more personal....

For the budget minded:
Accelerade. I can't find this stuff anywhere and I'm wayyy too lazy to order it online

For the fashion-forward:
The whole section of running clothes, particularly the new running dresses, at Lululemon. So cute, you can hardly tell they are running clothes.

For the Naturals:
Barefoot wear. (ironic) Little nervous about the world of VFFs, but I think I'm ready to go there.

For the rich and famous:
An iPhone 4. Okay, so this is not so much about making my running better as it is about making everything better.

For the miracle workers:
A smaller butt. Or, just get me an iPhone. I'm sure there's an app for that.

Okay, so this particular blog is really a target audience of one, but maybe it will give you ladies out there some ideas of what your significant other should buy you, too. (If you need some husband training tips, just shoot me an email and we'll chat.)

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