Friday, August 13, 2010

LSD no. 3

Sounds like a brand of hallucinogen doesn't it? If you read my earlier blog, you would know that I mean my long run is coming up tomorrow. My third long run in my marathon training, to be exact. If I were following Galloway's plan to a tee, I would be doing hills tomorrow instead, but seeing as I started my training a little early, I figure I've got some wiggle room. Plus, I will not get any LSD next week due to a meeting. While this meeting is not nearly as heinous as others I will attend between here and the beginning of the school year, I can safely tell you that I would still rather run 20 miles in 100 degree heat while carrying a fat toddler on my back than go to any meeting. No amount of fruit trays and pastry platters could ever entice me to go willingly to a meeting. Here's why:

Below is an inspirational message I heard today regarding the first day of school.

"If you feel butterflies in your stomach, persuade them to fly in formation."

I don't even want to begin to break down all the things that are wrong with this quote aside from its obvious cheesiness, but consider my gag reflex officially inspired.

On the other hand, I suppose it would be too much to ask that I love my job 100 % of the time. Every job has to have its downside. I thought the downside to teaching was the salary, but it turns out that I don't care all that much about money anyway. In fact, if someone told me, "Look, we are trying to tighten our belt. Would you agree to a 5,000 dollar pay cut if we told you that you would never have to go to another meeting?" DEAL!!! I wouldn't even have to consider it.

Anyway, I'm sure you will hear some additional complaining tomorrow. If not about teachers' meetings, then I'm sure I can find some weather to gripe about. There's always something right? Wish me luck tomorrow. I'm going out for 10, which I will be able to do provided I get up at 6:00 like I'm planning, but I would be happy with 9 if things don't go well. Good night!

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