Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Triangle Pose Method

Here's the thing: I hate cross training. I don't know why I bother to put two days worth of it in my schedules, because the truth is, I'm probably just not going to do it. Last week, I took the optional cross-training day off and ran on the other one. Yesterday was also supposed to be cross-training day, and instead, I totally overdid it in 90+ degree weather at close to marathon pace. (It's the Chapin thing again.)

I'm not going to try to be tough and say "Nooooooo, my knees don't hurt at all." I want this blog to help keep me both on-track and honest. If you don't believe that, read my first 2-3 posts where I share my weight and give close-ups of my feet. Ha. So, given my mild knee pain today, I decided that today MUST be legitimate cross training day.

I did yoga.

Oh, how it pains me to listen to new-agey crap! Ex: "Listen to your life force." "Bloom on your sitting bones." (What???) "Open your heart." Okay, sure, but let close down my brain, first.

It pains me even more when that new-agey crap actually works. I really thought that I had been working out my core muscles through ab workouts before. But it turns out that I am actually kind of unstable. (My husband is thinking "well, yeah, I could have told you that.") If I can't hold downward-facing dog in my living room, no wonder I am having trouble with tripping and falling over stupid stuff-or nothing- all the time. It turns out I have bad posture too. How did I not know this? After this morning's yoga, my knees actually feel much better. I feel stretched and tall. Sigh. I would be really stupid not to make this part of my routine. Just don't tell anyone that I'm "opening my heart" though, or I'll have to introduce your face to my warrior pose.

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