Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This Coulda Got Ugly!

Do you ever feel like God pushes the universe just a teeeeny bit to your advantage to keep you from going postal on your fellow man?

Two things:
1. On the way home from school today (after being there for 11 hours), I was a point of delirium. I kept closing and reopening the exact same program on my computer because I would instantly forget the reason I opened Finale in the first place. 5 times I did this. And that is when I decided I a.)must leave and b.) must have a Diet Dr. Pepper and a snack to keep me alive on my commute home.
I pulled up to Walgreens to get some honey-roasted almonds and my cancer-in-a-bottle. Here is my thought process: "Hmmmmm, okay, I see regular Dr. Pepper. Nope, not over here. Why can't I find it? I know it's here. There are 5,245 different types of soda. They even have Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper, so surely...Who even drinks Squirt anymore? Is it possible that the manager of Walgreens is so stupid that they ordered Squirt and neglected the 2nd most popular diet drink on the market? I'm getting irritated....Where is it? Seriously, enough! Where is the Diet DP?! No. No! I don't want a diet coke, and if you so much as consider offering me diet Pepsi, I will END you right here on this cheap ugly tile! WHEREISMYDIETDRPEPPERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!@$##@%&$#$

oh. gee. There it is right there. The last one in the store. I'm okay. Nothing to see here, people."

I shudder to think how that might have turned out.

2. If you have read just about any post in the past month, you know how I feel about this weather. I'm not a hateful person, but this humidity makes me want to send death threats to weatherman Jonathan Novack. Or it could be the fact that he was such a moron on The Bachelorette. Either way, the guy could use a punch in the face.

BUUUUUUUT.....do you see something interesting in the picture below? Something that is normal in places with regular climates, but nothing short of an act of God in Houston?

I almost felt like I needed a jacket, which is sort of messed up, but I don't care. Last night was the first official bearable run of the season. It will be the only one in August. There will be 3-4 in September, and it just gets more awesome from there. We are on the downhill slide!


The person who figures out what that acronym means wins a prize.


  1. Thank God it's not so darn hot anymore. There. I win the prize.

    Walked 5 yesterday including a 12:44 mile in the middle.