Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day of Rest and Confusion

No running today. I had a very taxing afternoon of doing grad school research and chatting on facebook with a friend.

I'm waiting for a sign to tell me what to do about grad school. On one hand, I have been wanting to get the heck out of H-town pretty much since I moved here. I would love to move somewhere that actually has a hill or tree that hasn't been artificially created by a landscaper and an average temperature less similar to purgatory's. I finally know what I really want my masters in.

On the other hand, I lovelovelove my job, and the places I want to move are generally expensive. The hubster will have his JD at the end of this year, but even that's not a guarantee these days.

But OHHHHH the running on the west coast, in Colorado, in Utah. If we are going to live somewhere impractical, it's pretty much now or never. ughhh. Someone tell me what to do.

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