Saturday, August 7, 2010

Procrastinators Can Still Get 'er Done

Here is the timeline leading up to my run this morning:

Last Night 10:00 PM-

me: "Hey babe, we need to go to bed kind of early tonight so you can go for a ride and I can go for a run before it gets too hot. We should try to get up around six."

husband: "Okay, but I want to watch a little TV first."

12:00 AM-

me: "Okay, we have to go to bed now...";

husband: "Should I still set the alarm for 6:00?"

me: "No, let's shoot for 7:00."

7:00 AM-

alarm: "beep!beeb!beep!" there is some stumbling around and it goes quiet.

7:55 AM-

me: "Hey, what time is it?"

husband: "Only like 7:30."

me: "Crap. Oh well, I can still be out by 8:00."

husband: looks at phone "Oh. oops. It's 7:55."

me: "ugh. I can still be out by 8:30. I guess. Actually, no...I'm just going to go tonight. Too hot."

8:30 AM-

husband: "So are you not going on your run?"

me: "Shut-up, okay! I'll go if I want to go! I don't have to go in the morning if I don't want to! Leave me alone!"

8:45 AM-

me: "ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Laptop shut. Butt off couch.

9:03 AM-

I walk out the door.

Today's long run was not quite as enjoyable as last weeks ride through purgatory. This week I made to an even lower level with 8 wobbly miles of sweltering sun and sweat. By the 5 and a half mile mark, I reached into my packet to get a mini-Clif bar, (Those are a great alternative to Gu, by the way. You can fit three into a little running pouch perfectly and they taste good.) but genius here didn't pack any. It's not that 8 miles is un-doable without a snack, but I really could have used a boost at that point. I dragged myself through the next couple of miles, salty wet mess that I was. During the last half-mile, I looked down at my Garmin no less than every 5 hundredths of a mile, just in case I happened to black out and wake up at the 8 mile point. No such luck. Finally, mile eight came, not with a bang, but a whimper.

Lessons Learned:
1. For every 30 minutes I sleep in, the run becomes 15% more painful.
2. There are 8 things I need to get me through a long run, not 7. Pack a snack!
3. Every step of extra shade is worth two steps out of the way.
4. I need my own alarm clock.

I'm really glad I got it over with this morning, and pleased that I held up as well as I did. Now I can concentrate on all the things I really need to do for school since I have finished my run and my blog, but first I want to share a video.

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