Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Farts and Frustrations

It wasn't me, I promise! No really, it was my 14 pound dog. How is it that Beasley, with his scrawny little body, can produce enough gas to contaminate an entire apartment? If a rotten egg and a skunk had a baby and then dipped it in sulfur, it would smell just like my dog's gaseous emissions. I'm going to have to take my laptop somewhere I can actually concentrate.

That was the farts part, now for the frustrations.

1. My knees were stiff when I woke up this morning.
2. I'm not supposed to run or cross-train the day before a long run, but I'm going to feel like a wimp if I don't.
3. I have only lost one pound in 10 days.

The knees thing is my fault. Last night I ran at Terry Hershey Park for only the first time. (I know, how am I a Houston runner if I have never been?) I went out too fast considering that it should have been an easy night after pushing too hard on my last run. I also disregarded Galloway's rule that says you should add 30 seconds to your pace for every 5 degrees over 60 degrees, so that would have put me just over a 12 minute mile. I definitely have a mental block about the whole pace thing. Every second over a 10 minute pace becomes exponentially more humiliating.

As for running today, I know it's just not even an option. I WILL NOT DO IT. I know it will ruin the chances of a good run tomorrow.

The weight thing is also my fault, but it will be okay. First of all, I was out of town for a couple of days and then, the day I got back we had company come in. So I feel that any loss is probably good considering the circumstances. The start of school will also give me a huge boost. Just looking at a class full of squirrelly, pubescent choir kids kicks my metabolism into gear. In past years, I've lost 5-8 pounds in just the first couple of weeks. In fact, I think I just won't worry about it and let the school year do its work. I've really wanted to give these new Doritos a try, anyway.

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