Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today's Observations

1. There is no limit to the number of questions that sixth-grade boys can ask about a trip to Fiesta Texas regardless of the fact that it is happening well over 6 months in the future. If I here the words "What if" one more time....."What if you ride Superman so many times that you barf on the bus?" "What if someone in the park steals your money and you starve because you can't buy food?" "What if your friends are too scared or too short the same roller coasters as you do?"
This shouldn't be a revelation to me since I have met a few sixth-grade boys in my time, but I would still be there answering questions if I hadn't completely cut them off.

2. Parents have just as much trouble navigating a Junior High School as sixth-graders do. Should this make me feel more confident in sixth-graders or less confident in parents?

3. My legs do indeed still function when I'm not listening to my iPhone. Even after a 13 hour day at school, I got in a nice 5 mile run at Terry Hershey Park. I packed everything I needed for my run this morning, but I guess my 5:30AM brain can only do so much. I forgot headphones! Honestly, I surprised myself in even trying to run a little bit, much less five miles. It was actually very pleasant.

4. Fireflies actually exist in Houston. I saw some for the first time in Terry Hershey Park. Or maybe they were just mosquitos that turned radioactive after all the Houston Pollution. Either way, it was nostalgic.

Not a bad day, but, dude, am I glad that tomorrow is Friday.

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  1. good stuff, Clelyn...made me laugh. Have a great weekend. - Mike A.