Sunday, August 8, 2010

I am not a Fatty...

I was really hoping to avoid this, but I think I'm going to have to actually buckle down on the weight thing. Before any girl that I'm close with (so, 3 of you) goes into the obligatory "OH MY GOSH, YOU ARE SO SKINNY" mode, please understand that I realize that probably no one in America would say that I'm fat, save the gay guy with the fake Swedish accent on America's Next Top Model. (I don't know if there actually is such a person since I've never seen the show, I just assume.) However, I do know that there is a certain window on the scale in which I feel comfortable, healthy, and most importantly, light on my feet. As embarrassing as it is being open about weight issues on the INTERNET for ALL of my readers (so, 4 of you) to see, it pains me more to actually do something about it.

I could wait until school starts to actually do something about it, but that is like the teacher equivalent of a lazy New Year's Resolution Setter. Plus, I have all of these relatives that are losing tons of weight with exercise and really healthy eating. Seriously, my dad is managing to lose weight despite the fact that he has to eat out like two-thirds of his meals and is constantly traveling. My sister-in-law has two young children and a part-time job. How does someone lose weight when they are constantly surrounded by chicken nuggets and pudding? (just kidding, Emily, I know that's not what you feed your kids.) I'm a total wimp if I can't do this over the next couple of weeks. All I have is some light teacher training. What's my excuse? "Oh, yeah, about that, I haven't really been able to lose weight because I've been really busy sitting at Barnes and Noble blogging. It's just not a good time..."

So for the next two weeks, here it is:

1. No sugar other than fruit.
2. No snacks other than vegetables. What this really means is no triscuits. KILL ME.
3. High fat dairy only in extremely small portions. (I have a feeling that I'm going to have to avoid HEB. I will NOT be able to handle the temptation of cheese samples.)
4. Eating out will be a salad or sushi- the raw kind, not the tempura-fried, mayonaised-out kind.

Exceptions with be my birthday, and my long run when I will have cake and gatorade respectively. That's it. Now, I'm going to push publish and commit. It's not that hard, I will just press the button that says publish. Now. Do it. Press.....the.....button. PRESSPUBLISHYOU@$%^&WIMP!


  1. unfortunately for some people, this sort of resolution will affect more than just you. Kill me now.

  2. That's really close to what I've been doing the past week with the Mayo Clinic Diet. Once people learn that you aren't eating sugar, they start apologizing to you when they eat it in front of you. I keep saying, "You don't have to apologize, I did it to myself."

    And I also feed my kids pop-tarts.

  3. I'm glad to hear that things like birthday cake are still OK! The summer has also done a number on my belly--I am pinching more than an inch. This week is going to be quite spartan at the Brown house!