Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nothing to Say

because my IQ dropped too low to form a sentence due to the "professional development" I endured today. It's shocking to me that the very same educational leaders who tell us to make our classes interactive and engaging forcefully corral us into an arena for three straight hours of lecturing. They ask us to be green, yet pay to cool that arena to sub-zero temperatures. They talk about technology, yet don't really use any in the presentation. They talk about tough financial times while wasting money on traffic cops and security. They talk about classroom preparation, yet throw away an entire morning of work time the WEEK...BEFORE...SCHOOL...STARTS. ReAlLy???

When....oh when will the superintendents of the world start practicing what they accusingly preach at teachers?

Solution to today's disastrous waste of time: Put it online. Save gas. Save money. Utilize technology. And stop. Please stop. Wasting. Everyone's. Time.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for stating it so well. That's what happens when teachers become administrators and forget what it was like. Today I got 3.5 hours of three different technology uses. How much do you think I will retain???